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With our Complete Clean Package, your used boat’s gel coat/paint will be restored to the original color and finish. A full cut, buff and polish process will remove any oxidation or chalkiness on the surface of your boat.

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Our detailing provides a layer of protection on your boat from harsh marine conditions (salt & UV) here in South Mississippi. Protect your boat today.

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Our detailing process provides a cost-effective alternative to repainting and regular washes maintain the life of the wax, preventing from overspending on waxing and repairs.

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Our regular boat cleaning package reduces maintenance. The Deep Clean Package will thoroughly wash off salt and protect your boat from deteriorating its gel coat.

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Our team of technicians are certified and insured to complete the job.

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Our mobile boat detailing team can complete the job at your marina, yard or home in Biloxi, Ocean springs, Gulfport, Long Beach, Pass Christain, Bay St. Louis and surrounding areas.

How Our Process Works

  • Schedule online or on the phone quickly and conveniently.
  • Select your boat detailing service from our packages
  • We come to you! Our mobile detail pros will show up at your marina, yard or home in Mississippi, at your scheduled time!
  • Our detailing pros will perform your boat cleaning, thoroughly and efficiently. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Enjoy your freshly restored boat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Wash My Boat?

Boat Washing in Gulfport, MS

Once you expose your boat to water, especially saltwater, it can be quite destructive to many materials and surfaces on your boat. Metals can corrode, wood can warp and fiberglass can deteriorate. Our boat and yacht washing prevents these damages to ensure the life of your boat lasts for many years to come. 

How Often Should I Wax My Boat?

Professional Boat Waxing in Biloxi

We recommend waxing your boat every 3-4 months. The combination of hot sunlight and corrosive saltwater can quickly eat away at your boat’s protective layer of wax, so be prepared to recoat it regularly. Our boat detailing pros will cut, buff, and wax your boat to restore its original color and shine!

How Can I Protect and Preserve my Vinyl or Leather on my Boat?

Our boat detailing package includes coating your upholstery with several UV and salt water protecting agents. This process will protect your leather or vinyl from experiencing rapid sun and salt water deterioration and prevent you from replacing them longer. Book a detailing package with us today to protect your boat from the harsh elements. 

How Should I Maintain My Boat in Between Deep Cleanings?

You should never leave salt water on your boat after taking it out. Always thoroughly rinse your gel coat two to three times after taking your boat out. For after deep sea fishing trips, be sure to thoroughly wash off any fish remains as they will bond with your surfaces and stain your nonskid or gel coat. To make a rinse off easier, schedule an interior wax and protectant service to prevent things like fish remains, salt and other elements from bonding with your gel coat or nonskid. 

Should I Flush Out My Engine and How Often?

Flushing your engine after every use can keep it from getting clogged up by debris or corroded by saltwater. 

What Other Things Should I be Doing to Maintain My Boat?

Boat Detailing in Ocean Springs

Washing all windows with a water and vinegar solution to keep visibility while on the water after every trip. Our detailing and cleaning packages provide a thorough window cleaning and include a rain-x treatment to improve visibility and lightly protect from saltwater. 

Why Should I Review Who Cleans my Boat?

Many boat detailers are contractors who are not insured. If something happens on your boat and they break it, they may not be able to afford to repair it. Car detailing services can be great- for your car, but boats are very different and require a superior level of care, marine specific products and even a different cleaning and detailing process. Some detailing services require you to take your boat to them and wait hours for them to “get around to your boat” and keep your boat for days. With South Mississippi Mobile Boat Detailing, we will come to you, license and insured, perform a 100% satisfactory job, in an efficient amount of time and never move your boat or force you to take time out of your day. Schedule your on-site detailing in South Mississippi now.

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Boat Detailing in Harrison County

Whether you are a resident of Harrison County or visiting Biloxi, MS from New Orleans, we will take care of your boat detailing needs. We take pride in our detailing services in Hancock County and our main concern is keeping you satisfied. We provide top of the line services including boat waxing, boat cleaning, brightwork cleaning, hull detailing, buffing, yacht detailing, and many more. We serve many areas including Biloxi, Gulfpost, Ocean Springs, Pass Christian, D’Ibervill, and many more! We are 100% mobile so take the stress out of detailing your boat and choose South Mississippi Boat Detailing! Contact us today!