boat detailing biloxi ms

Our mission is to provide superior cleaning and detailing services for all of South Mississippi. We know our boat owners take pride in their boats and our goal is to take the work out of boating for you.

Taking the work out of boating- one boater at a time!

Each time you take out your boat, cleaning salt water and excess debris takes on average two hours. That’s about 6 hours a week. A full detail and wax takes anywhere from 4-6 hours and should be done once every 3 months. Making your yearly washing and boat maintenance time spent a total of 330 hours a year! That’s two months of a full time job! Boating should be an escape from work- not more work. That’s why our detailing pros will meet you at the dock as you come in from your fishing trip and perform a wash right there! Or schedule a detailer to come to your house and perform a detailing the day before a weekend out on the island with friends. Boating is awesome- removing your girlfriends spilled wine on your vinyl isn’t. Leave it to a south Mississippi detailing pro and schedule your first service today.

Our team is held to a superior standard of cleaning. 

  1. We ensure all of our customers are happy and satisfied with all of their boat detailing services. 
  2. Our detailing pros are thoroughly trained and specialized in cleaning and detailing specifically boats. 
  3. Our detailers are equipped with top-of-the-line products and equipment to provide you with a superior clean and detail in an efficient time.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

-Kris H.
I have had my boat for about 2 years now and I just really wanted to get it all cleaned up. These guys did an amazing just from the Hull to the topside. Highly Recommend! I’ll be giving you a call next time!

Joey M.
Incredible work! They came out to my home and detailed my boat. They did way more than I expected them to.

Tommy T.
Amazing work and in a timely manner.

Micah R.
Last week I pulled my boat out of storage only to find that my cover had ripped and water got inside and sat there all winter. Every inch of the interior was covered in mildew and black mold. In just one detailing session, everything was spotless and white again. Definitely recommend!

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